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Karl R. Frankena

Phone 2: (734) 761-9000
Fax: (734) 761-9001
Karl Frankena was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1964. His work includes acquisition, development and sale of real estate through representation of either the current owner selling to a developer or a developer seeking approval of a planned developm… Read More
Karl's Practice Areas:  Real Estate and Environmental Law
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David B. Guenther

Phone 2: (734) 761-9000
Fax: (734) 761-9001
David Guenther’s practice focuses primarily on U.S and international mergers and acquisitions, financing, corporate governance, succession planning and real estate for privately held companies. Read More
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Douglas G. McClure

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Douglas G. McClure has over 25 years of experience in environmental, real estate, and business law, and has been with Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick since 1991. Mr. McClure specializes in environmental law. His environmental work includes: Brownfie… Read More
Douglas's Practice Areas:  Real Estate and Environmental Law
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Chris L. McKenney

Phone 2: (734) 761-9000
Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. McKenney is the firm's former senior partner and is now Of Counsel to the firm. He has been affiliated with the firm and its predecessors since 1962. Read More
Chris's Practice Areas:  Business, Banking, Tax, Bankruptcy
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