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Chris L. McKenney

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. McKenney is currently a senior partner and Chairman of Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick, P.C., and has been practicing law with the firm since 1962. Read More
Chris's Practice Areas:  Business, Banking, Tax, Bankruptcy
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Allen J. Philbrick

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. Philbrick is the firm’s senior litigation partner and trial lawyer. His practice has focused most heavily on the defense of all manner of personal injury lawsuits and insurance coverage disputes, with considerable experience as well in the repr… Read More
Allen's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Bruce N. Elliott

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Bruce Elliott was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1976 and to the Michigan Bar in 1978. He is rated "AV" by Martindale-Hubbell and has been recognized by and included among "The Best Lawyers in America," Michigan "Super Lawyers" and Crain's De… Read More
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Neil J. Juliar

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Neil J. Juliar was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1973. Neil's practice concentrates on complex litigation. Read More
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Robert M. Brimacombe

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. Brimacombe was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1968. He holds both a law degree and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan. Read More
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Elizabeth M. Petoskey, BS, MBA, JD

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Elizabeth Petoskey practices in the areas of estate planning, probate and trust law. Her practice accepts matters with estates of every size. Read More
Elizabeth 's Practice Areas:  Estates & Trusts, Elder Law
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James A. Schriemer

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. Schriemer was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1974. He joined Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick in 1987. Mr. Schriemer has been honored by recognition in "The Best Lawyers in America" in the area of corporate law. Read More
James's Practice Areas:  Business, Banking, Tax, Bankruptcy
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Bradley J. MeLampy

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Bradley J. MeLampy was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1982. He is licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan, and is admitted and practices in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, and the U.S. Sixth Circu… Read More
Bradley's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Joseph W. Phillips

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. Phillips has been involved in a wide variety of civil litigation matters since he was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1982.  He has tried cases in both the state and federal courts and has handled appellate matters in the Michigan Court of Appea… Read More
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William M. Sweet

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. Sweet practices civil litigation, including all areas of insurance defense and coverage litigation, general tort liability, commercial litigation, construction litigation, and professional liability. Read More
William's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Douglas G. McClure

Phone 2: (734) 997-2159
Fax: (734) 761-9001
Douglas G. McClure has over 25 years of experience in environmental, real estate, and business law, and has been with Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick since 1991.  Mr. McClure specializes in environmental law. His environmental work includes: Brown… Read More
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Marjorie M. Dixon

Phone 2: (734) 997-2154
Fax: (734) 761-9001
Marjorie Dixon is a partner with the firm, specializing in business and real estate law. In her real estate practice, she has assisted many clients in buying, selling, and financing commercial properties, agricultural properties and homes. Read More
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Thomas D. Luczak

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Thomas D. Luczak has been an attorney since 1982 as well as a Certified Public Accountant since 1987. His early career as a commercial litigator preceded his concentration on business transactions, retirement plan and benefit consulting, general busi… Read More
Tom's Practice Areas:  Business, Banking, Tax, Bankruptcy
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Dennis R. Valenti

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Dennis R. Valenti has over fifteen years of experience in estate planning, the administration of estates and trusts, probate, business succession planning and business law. Read More
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Richard P. Peterson, II

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Richard P. Peterson II joined Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick, P.C. in June 2000 and has been a shareholder since January 1, 2007. He is a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Law and the University of Michigan (B.A. 1987). He practices in th… Read More
Richard's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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W. Daniel Troyka

Phone 2: (734) 997-2153
Fax: (734) 761-9001
W. Daniel Troyka graduated from Princeton University with honors in 1990. He earned his Juris Doctor with high honors from Boston University Law School in 1994. After graduating law school, Mr. Troyka worked for an international law firm in Paris, Fr… Read More
W. Daniel's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Joy M. Glovick

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Joy Glovick has been an attorney with Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick, P.C. since May 2004, and has worked for the firm continuously since June 1997. Read More
Joy's Practice Areas:  Real Estate and Environmental Law
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Andrew D. Sugerman

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Mr. Sugerman is a civil litigator who has successfully tried cases in every county in Southeast Michigan. Mr. Sugerman began his legal career and obtained extensive trial experience as a Senior Public Defender in New York City. Mr. Sugerman returned… Read More
Andrew's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Erik Duenas

Phone 2: (734) 997-2159
Fax: (734) 761-9001
Erik Duenas is a shareholder with Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick and focuses his practice on civil litigation defense. Mr. Duenas has successfully represented corporate and private clients at trial in courts throughout the State of Michigan. Mr. Du… Read More
Erik's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Matthew C. Rettig

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Matthew Rettig’s practice focuses primarily on personal injury defense, general tort and negligence liability, insurance coverage actions, and commercial litigation. Read More
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Michael Crowley

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Michael Crowley’s practice focuses primarily on estate planning, probate administration, business law, and real estate. He is a member of the American Bar Association, State Bar of Michigan, and the Washtenaw County Bar Association. Read More
Michael's Practice Areas:  Estates & Trusts, Elder Law
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Matthew R. Cameron

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Matthew R. Cameron was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 2011. Mr. Cameron’s practice focuses on civil litigation and insurance defense. Read More
Matthew's Practice Areas:  Litigation/Trial Practice
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Robert M. O’Reilly

Robert M. O’Reilly was born in Michigan and raised in Ann Arbor. Mr. O’Reilly received his Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Michigan in 2006 and his Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School in 2012. Whi… Read More
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Corey O. Tidman

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Corey Tidman has been working at Conlin, McKenney and Philbrick, P.C. for over 15 years as a legal assistant. She assists the firm attorneys with a wide variety of legal work, including preparation for hearings, trials, client meetings, and preparati… Read More
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Karl R. Frankena

Fax: (734) 761-9001
Karl Frankena was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1964. His work includes acquisition, development and sale of real estate through representation of either the current owner selling to a developer or a developer seeking approval of a planned developm… Read More
Karl's Practice Areas:  Real Estate and Environmental Law
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David B. Guenther

Fax: (734) 761-9001
David Guenther’s practice focuses primarily on U.S and international mergers and acquisitions, financing, corporate governance, succession planning and real estate for privately held companies. Read More
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Phillip J. Bowen

Phil Bowen set the standard at Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick during his 32 years with the firm. Drawing on the values learned in his boyhood hometown of Red Cloud, Nebraska and his training at the University of Michigan Law School, Phil's hard work,… Read More
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